Advanced Driving

Information on local and national advanced driving organisations

Advanced driving groups have a significant part to play in encouraging drivers to improve their driving standards. Volunteer observers in the groups help encourage drivers to adopt a systematic approach and defensive driving techniques which will improve their overall driving skills and safety.

The benefits of becoming an advanced driver can include:

  • cheaper car insurance
  • fewer "that could have ended in tears" moments
  • more control of manoeuvres
  • more enjoyable driving

There are two national groups that promote advanced driving, both have local groups:

The Institute of Advanced Motorists - for more details visit
RoSPA Advanced Drivers – for more details visit

Local contacts for Advanced Driving Groups are:

Institute of Advanced Motorists – Weston & Mendip 07020 934714

Institute of Advanced Motorists – Wessex 01823 490467

Advanced Drivers Association Somerset - 07906 217954

If you've passed your test, but still have concerns about some aspects of driving, then you shouldn't be surprised. Driving is a lifetime of learning from experience and you have only just started. Some of those experiences you can well do without, so why not learn from someone who has the answers you're looking for and can help you through that learning process safely.




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