Cycle proficiency for the 21st Century

Somerset Road Safety delivers National Standard Cycle Training through the Bikeability scheme.

We deliver combined Level 1 and 2 Bikeability courses predominantly in Primary schools for pupils in Year 5 and 6. The Bikeability Level 1 and 2 course is usually a two day course aimed to inform children about road safety and teach children how to cycle safely on the road.
Day One of the course consists of a road safety talk and cycling activities (such as how to perform a bike check and signaling) performed on the school’s playground. If a child is considered safe by our instructor(s) to cycle supervised on the road, the child will then be invited to take part on Day Two of the course. Day Two involves on-road cycling and how to carry out maneuvers (such as turning into a minor/major road and passing parked cars) safely.

Should you wish Bikeability training for your children please contact your school, who will arrange it through Somerset Road Safety. Alternatively, please look at our events page for courses hosted by Sports Centres during school holiday periods.

Level 3 Bikeability training involves learning how to cycle safely on busier roads, junctions and roundabouts. We offer Level 3 training to adult groups or businesses. For more information, please contatct Somerset Road Safety on 01823 423430.

We run Bikeability programmes as part of our effort to achieve casualty reduction targets. Bikeability provides an opportunity for cyclists to develop basic rider skills in order to cope with modern road conditions. For further information about the course please see the Bikeability website.

To read comments made by those who have already completed a Bikeability course please click here.



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