Cycle proficiency for the 21st century

Most people will remember their cycle proficiency training completed during their early years in education. However, cycle proficiency training, as we knew it, no longer exists as it has been replaced with the Bikeability training programme.


Bikeability is cycle training for the 21st century and is delivered to exacting national standards defined by the Department for Transport. The training itself is subject to rigid quality assurance, so you know that your children will be in safe hands whilst being taught how to stay as safe as possible when cycling on today's busy roads. But, the best news of all for schools, is that it is delivered free of charge by Somerset Road Safety.

If you would like to arrange a Bikeability session for the year six students in your school, please contact Somerset Road Safety by email or on 01823 423430.

To find out what those who have previously completed Bikeability training with Somerset Road Safety say, please click here.





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