Biker Down

First Aid & RTC Management Course for Bikers

Biker Down, FREE ‘First Aid & RTC Management Course’ for Bikers, created by Crew Manager Jim Sanderson of Kent Fire and Rescue Service's, Fire Bike Team.

From small beginnings it has now steadily growing to gain National coverage, December 2012 saw it gain a coveted Prince Michael International Road Safety Award followed by a National 'Alarm' Award in August 2013, there now 45 teams around England, Wales, Scotland and the Channel Islands,  running this award winning course with several more areas beginning work to set up.

The course is primarily a Fire and Rescue Service-based initiative but in some areas it is run by Road Safety Partners and the Military as well.

Biker Down is a free three hour course that is broken down into three modules delivered by Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service Fire, Bike Team in partnership with Somerset Road Safety:

1. Scene Assessment & Dynamic Risk Assessment

2. Basic First Aid – covering catastrophic bleeding, CPR and helmet removal

3. The science behind being safe by being seen


How to apply

To register for a course please contact Somerset Road Safety on 01823 423430, or click here to email.


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