Clothing and hi-viz kit

Some simple advice to make your ride safer and more comfortable

Riding a motorbike can be an invigorating experience, but it can also be an uncomfortable one if you make the wrong choices about clothing. What you wear whilst on your bike needs to stand up to three challenges; firstly, it should ensure you are highly visible to other road users; secondly, should you experience a collision or a fall, it has to protect you as much as possible and, finally, it should keep you warm and dry to ensure you enjoy the ride. To help you select the best clothing for you, check the list of hints and tips below

  • Wear layers under a good quality motorcycle jacket - they don't have to cost a fortune to keep you warm and dry.
  • Wear a lightweight wind-proof top/legging as the top layer under the jacket or trousers.
  • Wear waterproofs over the top - even if it's cold and dry - they are good for keeping the warmth in and the cold out!
  • Get the best gloves you can afford - with a thermal lining if possible. Wear a wind-proof balaclava under your crash helmet.
  • If your bike doesn't have heated grips, consider 'hot grips' easily fitted over the top of your existing hand-grips, they will last the winter no problem. If used with a pair of handlebar muffs, you are talking toasty!!
  • Good footwear with thermal socks - some riders even wear plastic shopping bags as a final layer in the boot if they leak a bit.
  • Finally, wear whatever Hi Viz kit you can lay your hands on, and keep your lights on all the time - be seen to be safe.




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