Collision Investigation

When notified of a fatal road accident by the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, a member of the Accident Investigation and Prevention (AIP) Team will investigate the incident. This fulfils the ‘Statutory Duty’ placed upon Local Authorities by the Road Traffic Act of 1988.


In order to take steps to reduce and prevent similar accidents from taking place the team will:

  • Attend the scene as early as practicable liaising closely with the Area Traffic Engineer and other relevant council officers
  • Consider the circumstances of the accident from information provided by the police
  • Carry out a visual investigation of the scene to establish whether road layout, road condition or signage may be deemed to have been a contributory factor
  • Produce a report into the incident - to include any findings, recommendations or improvements deemed necessary to prevent future incidents at that location. Engineering or education solutions are always the primary options but, if deemed necessary, law enforcement recommendations may be made.


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