Data Management

Using collision data to drive casualty reduction interventions.

Somerset Road Safety analyses data in an effort to reduce casualties, increase road safety through educational programs and providing evidence to help shape its work, and that of the agencies we work with, to promote road safety. The team collects data on injury collisions from Avon and Somerset Constabulary. A Geographical Information System (GIS) collision analysis database is maintained and used to record and analyse collision data. Unformatted Personal Injury Collision (PIC) data is supplied to Somerset County Council by Avon and Somerset Police. The data is checked and verified before being used for detailed analysis. It is used to:

  • assess collision and casualty trends for specific road user groups and geographical areas.
  • assess collision problems on specific routes locations and areas with higher concentrations of collisions. This is essential in shaping priorities inside and outside of the Road Safety team – including, Highways Maintenance.
  • build evidence-led, tailored education programs to various groups of road users e.g. driving courses for younger and older drivers, motorcyclists and ‘at-work’ drivers. The programs are often produced in conjunction with partner agencies such as the Fire Service and the Police.

Casualty data can be viewed or acquired as follows:

  • The Somerset County Council Intelligence Team maintains a set of road safety dashboards allowing members of the public to view and compare collisions across the county, available at
  • Copies of processed PIC data can be requested from Somerset Road Safety for commercial use e.g. for planning applications or insurance claims. The processing of this type of information is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act and a minimum charge of £150 + VAT is made, depending on the complexity of the enquiry.
  • Accurate, but less detailed, PIC information can be viewed on the internet free of charge at Crashmap uses the latest available Department for Transport PIC data.   

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Somerset Road Safety also provides support and training for businesses employing fleets of drivers.

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Did You Know?

An endorsement for drink driving remains on your licence for 11 years?

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