'Hitting The Road'

A comprehensive guide to getting started riding a moped.

'Hitting The Road' is a DVD produced jointly by Somerset Road Safety and Richard Huish College and is designed to guide those wishing to start riding a moped through the process legally and safely. It forms part of the young rider program entitled 'On Yer Bike'. The DVD itself was made by young people, for young people, and consists of fifteen chapters, designed to be viewed individually or as a feature film, providing all of the necessary information to make the right choices as a rider or parent. These chapters are available to view on You Tube, or on a DVD and are an excellent teaching aid to prompt discussions about safety on the roads. To obtain a free copy of the DVD please email Somerset Road Safety.

The chapter headings are as follows (Click on the chapter title to watch the chapter):
1). Introduction
2). Getting the basics right (CBT)
3). Are you ready to hit the road (Intro)
4). Pen to paper (Licence and documents)
5). Getting kitted out (Protective clothing)
6). Buy smart (Choosing the right bike)
7). Checking it out (Maintaining your bike)
8). Survival skills (Identifying hazards)
9). You, your bike, the road (Controlling your bike)
10).Just around the corner (Hidden dangers)
11).You v. the tarmac (What happens if you come off your bike)
12).The professionals (Interviews with Police, Ambulance and Road safety personnel)
13).Words of wisdom (Key message)
14).Get on your bike! (Freedom and independence)
15).Your top ten (Summary)

If you attend or run a further education college or sixth form in Somerset and are interested in including the “On Ya Bike” package in your student welfare programme, please contact us for details on 01823 423430 or via email.


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