Horse drawn vehicles

Helpful advice for driving safely near a horse drawn vehicle

Horse drawn vehicles are becoming a more common sight on the roads, but many drivers are unsure of how best to drive when they meet one. Follow the helpful advice below to keep both yourself and the horse and carriage safe: 


  • Think before you overtake - do you have enough time to do so slowly and safely
  • Overtake a horse drawn vehicle wide and slow
  • After overtaking do not cut back in too sharply in front of the horse
  • Be alert for things that may spook the horse unexpectedly
  • Take care when driving toward a horse drawn vehicle so as not to spook the horse
  • A horse drawn vehicle cannot reverse so be prepared to reverse for it if you meet one on a single lane road
  • A horse drawn vehicles cannot pull over on to grass verges
  • The driver of a horse drawn vehicle will give hand signals to indicate which way they are turning, so watch out for these
  • Please be patient - the driver of the horse drawn vehicle will appreciate your care
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