Journey Planning

Plan your journey and make it safer, cheaper and reduce frustration

A planned journey is a safer journey. Many accidents occur because the rider was unfamiliar with the road or had not properly maintained their bike. By taking these basic steps before setting off you could save yourself a lot of time and worry if things do not go as planned:

  • Make sure you know the route and have a back up plan in case of road closures or other incidents
  • Carry an up to date map and don’t rely on your Sat Nav as it may not be up to date with road changes
  • Ensure you have enough fuel, oil and water and check tyre pressures
  • Allow time for a short stop every two hours
  • If you have a mobile phone make sure the battery is charged and put in the contact list an I.C.E. contact (in case of emergency)
  • Carry warm clothing and a drink in case you break down
  • If you are visiting someone consider letting them know the time you are expecting to arrive


Did You Know?

Somerset Road Safety also provides support and training for businesses employing fleets of drivers.

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Did You Know?

An endorsement for drink driving remains on your licence for 11 years?

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