Light Care

A little bit of time invested in regular checks can keep you safe and on the right side of the law.

It is important to check your lights all year round, but more importantly during the darker winter months. Remember, lights perform two vital functions; firstly, they allow you to see where you are going in darkness or poor visibility, and secondly, they allow others to see you. If your lights do not work, you risk a fine and your vehicle being prohibited. The following tips will help to ensure your lights are always in tip-top condition:

  • At least once a week switch on your lights and walk around the bike to check headlights, rear lights and indicators.
  • To check your brake lights, either ask for assistance or reverse up to a wall to see the reflection
  • Wash the lights as they can quickly become covered in dirt, making them far less effective
  • Carry a spare set of bulbs with you (this a legal requirement on the continent)




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Somerset Road Safety also provides support and training for businesses employing fleets of drivers.

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Did You Know?

An endorsement for drink driving remains on your licence for 11 years?

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