Local Safety Schemes


The Accident Investigation and Prevention team complete checks using a dedicated accident investigation database. The process is designed to highlight areas where similar personal injury accidents have occurred, within set criteria, during the previous five years.

The data is supplied by the Avon and Somerset Constabulary and, once the data has been checked for accuracy, any resulting groupings produced by the process are referred to as 'clusters'

The process is run annually and produces two lists of cluster sites, usually containing well in excess of 100 sites. The sites within the lists are then prioritised according to the number and severity of casualties.

The analysis is then forwarded to either the Engineering or Education, Training and Publicity teams within Somerset County Council  with conclusions and recommendations to address problem areas.


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Somerset Road Safety also provides support and training for businesses employing fleets of drivers.

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Did You Know?

An endorsement for drink driving remains on your licence for 11 years?

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Somerset Road Safety aims to reduce collisions and casualties on local roads.

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