Mind Your Business

Bespoke workshops addressing all aspects of occupational driving

In any company where employees drive as part of their job, the employer has a duty of care to ensure that steps have been taken to improve the safety of these employees. Somerset Road Safety aims to maximise the safety of drivers and enable businesses to reduce fleet running costs with bespoke ‘Mind Your Business’ workshops which address all aspects of occupational driving.

The right advice will minimise risks associated with occupational driving and is designed to:

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce repair bills as a result of fewer collisions
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Improve eco-driving
  • Lower vehicle maintenance costs
  • Reduce stress levels of staff resulting in less time off work, higher staff retention, motivation and commitment
  • Meet the requirements of current Corporate Manslaughter legislation. For further information on the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 click here.

Approximately one in three of all road traffic collisions involve drivers who are at work. If one of these collisions results in a death, juries will have to take into account any health and safety breaches by the organisation and whether this amounts to a gross breach of a duty of care to the deceased.

If a company is found to be guilty of the offence it can be liable to an unlimited fine, as well as having a publicity order imposed. This means that the company is required to publicise details of the conviction.If one of your employees should be involved in a serious road crash, there would be a police investigation. 

Would you as an employer be able to demonstrate you had taken all practicable precautions to manage road risk?

Is there a clear audit trail?

Company procedures should be clear to all staff, including management, and may contain a variety of different topics with varying levels of consequences. We can help you put together a policy which reflects the nature of your business.

In order to comply with the act and optimise overall performance, contact us to discuss how we could improve your drivers’ performance and motivation.

To download our latest brochure click here. If you wish to discuss our workshops in more detail, or to book a Mind Your Business course, please contact Somerset Road Safety on 01823 423430 or email

To read comments made by businesses whose drivers have already completed a Mind Your Business course please click here.




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