Motorcycle Maintenance

Basic maintenance tips to keep you safe on the road

Keeping your bike safe doesn't always mean major surgery. A quick pre-ride check every day will help keep you safe and may avoid the need for expensive repair bills. To make sure you don’t miss anything, use the following mnemonic:


  • Petrol - Is there enough for the journey?
  • Oil -  Check the oil to make sure it’s at the correct level (check the other fluids brake/clutch etc)
  • Water - Check the level if you have a water cooled bike.
  • Damage/Drive –Do a visual check of the chain and lube if required. Shaft drive – check for leaks
  • Electrics – Check the lights, indicators, and hazards if fitted
  • Rubber -  Check the tyres, wheels, throttle grip, footrest rubbers etc are all in good working order
  • Steering/Suspension  - Make sure everything is working smoothly, check the  dampers are working, check the brake levers and their action


The list is by no means exhaustive, but should be carried out regularly and especially before long rides. Last but by no means least consider a final S for ‘Self’. Ask yourself: am I fit to ride?

If the bike is ready to go, don't forget to check your kit, helmet and visor too.

In addition to the above daily checks, a regular comprehensive check by a qualified mechanic is also essential.


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