Pre-Driver Education

Equipping new drivers with the skills to keep them safe on the road

Somerset Road Safety works with colleges to provide a variety of educational programmes designed to equip new drivers for the road. We can also arrange for an approved driving instructor to visit your college for a small fee. Most students need help when trying to obtain a full licence. For example; which form do they need, where to obtain it or is it safe to use internet services? The presenter will explain about the theory test and the hazard perception test learner drivers will have to complete and give them an overview of what to expect on the day of the practical driving test. 

In order to be ready for the above test, the driving instructor will advise the learner driver on what to study in order to successfully complete the tests and become a competent driver. Some examples will be given of these during the presentation and questions from the Highway Code are included too. 

Questions such as when can I ask my parents to take me out for a drive or what happens if I get points on my licence will be answered. 

The importance of these educational pre-driver workshops is to help the attendees understand that, once they have become a driver, they have a responsibility to themselves and other road users which can only be fulfilled with the right attitude towards driving. 

Use of the driving simulator is part of this educational workshop. For more details contact Somerset Road Safety on 01823 423430 or email

To read comments made by those who have already completed a Pre-Driver education programme please click here.



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