School Crossing Patrols

Providing road safety support to pedestrians at dangerous sites in all weathers

For many years the Schools Crossing Patrol Service (SCP) has played an important role in ensuring the safety of our children when travelling to and from school. Usually situated outside or in the vicinity of the school, the SCP will not only assist children but, following a change in the law, can also now help other pedestrians to cross the road safely.

  Somerset Road Safety provide the clothing, equipment, training and on-going monitoring of the SCP personnel, but people filling the roles are employed and managed directly by the schools concerned. Some schools encounter difficulty recruiting SCPs so if you are interested in helping please contact your local school.

Advice for Drivers and Pedestrians

Following a change in the law in 2001, patrols are required to stop traffic to cross any pedestrian, not just children.

Advice for Drivers

Drivers and riders must follow the procedure in The Highway Code:

  • On seeing the sign displayed upright, STOP.  The pedestrian crossing is active.
  • Demonstrate you are a safe driver.  Approach the site with caution and stop a safe distance away from the patrol with your handbrake on.
  • Remain stationary, with your handbrake on, until the patrol has entered the carriageway, crossed the pedestrians and returned to the pavement.  Only then has the crossing finished.
  • Patrols are trained only to enter the carriageway when it is safe to do so and never to hold up traffic for longer than is absolutely necessary.  Please be patient with the patrol as before they leave their position in the centre of the carriageway, they will ensure that everyone is safely on the pavement and that no one is about to cross.

 Advice for Pedestrians

Parents and children must follow the procedure:

  • Parents can help by encouraging children to cross with the patrol’s procedure.  Do hold hands with your child before you reach the crossing site.  Stop, look and listen to the instructions given by the patrol.  Children on scooters and bicycles must dismount and cross as a pedestrian. 
  • Stand back from the kerb and the movement of the sign.
  • Do not cross the road unless you are signalled to do so by the school crossing patrol. Always cross in front of the patrol, never cross behind them where they cannot see you.
  • The patrol will give pedestrians two instructions:
  • “Please wait” until the patrol has checked the traffic movement and is positioned in the centre of the carriageway displaying the sign in the “all vehicles must stop” position
  • “Please cross”. Look before you leave the pavement and continue to look as you cross in front of the patrol, in a straight line where the patrol can see you.
  • Do ensure you are walking with your child as they cross and continue to do so until they are safely on the pavement on the far side

​Parking outside schools

Keep a patrol crossing site safe. Child pedestrians need a clear road crossing location so they can Stop, Look, Listen and Think! 

Guidance, Support & Service Awards

SCPs provide a valuable service within our communities and this dedication is recognised by Somerset Road Safety through long service awards.
For further information about the support available to schools and SCP personnel, please contact Somerset Road Safety on 01823 423430 or email




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