Towing Advice

An essential guide to towing caravans or trailers safely

Follow these helpful hints and tips to help ensure that you ‘tow the line’ when it comes to towing:



  • Check your driving licence to find out the size of caravan/trailer you are permitted to tow
  • Ensure that the weight of the laden caravan/trailer is within the car's towing capability. The weight of the loaded caravan/trailer should not exceed 85% of the car Kerb Weight (you can find the car Kerb Weight in the vehicle handbook)
  • Make sure that the tyres on the caravan/trailer are capable of carrying it at its maximum laden weight at the maximum speed limit. Check the tyre pressures regularly
  • During the hours of darkness the caravan/trailer must be fitted with the following: number plate light, direction indicators, brake lights, two red triangular reflectors, two red side lights fitted at the rear, and at least one working fog light (if the trailer width exceeds 1.3m)
  • The overall length of the trailer/caravan must not exceed 7m (excluding A-frame and hitch), the maximum width should not exceed 2.55m and the maximum weight of an unbraked trailer (including load) must be less than 750kg
  • Maximum speed limits for a car towing a caravan/trailer are as follows: 60mph on motorways and dual carriageways and 50mph on other roads (providing no lower speed limit is in force)

  • If you’re using a tow bracket then it must be ‘type approved’. In other words it is designed for your car and meets EU regulations
  • You must ensure you have a proper view of the road behind you. Fit towing mirrors if needed
  • It is a good idea to get as much practice as you can before setting off on a long journey particularly in coupling/uncoupling and reversing
  • It is illegal to carry passengers in caravans/trailers
  • The caravan/trailer must display the same number plate as the towing car
  • Ensure the load in the caravan/trailer is properly secured. It is advised to check your load after travelling a few miles to ensure that everything is still secure
  • Remember the extra weight of the caravan/trailer will increase  the time it takes accelerate and importantly STOP. Give yourself extra time and space to help cope with this
  • Watch out for strong side winds of the slip stream from passing lorries





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