Road Safety Wristbands for Key Stages 1 and 2

A fun way to constantly remind children about road safety

Somerset Road Safety works hard to ensure that the number of children involved in accidents on the county's roads continues to decline. Somerset Road Safety has distributed more than 19,000 child and infant road safety wrist bands free of charge to schools, pre-schools, nurseries, clubs, and organisations throughout the county.

When worn the wrist band acts as a permanent and colourful reminder to the child of the most basic actions they should take when crossing the road. An accompanying leaflet explaining to parents and carers how best to use the wrist band as an aid to practising good road sense with their children is also available for download; see the links below.  

Somerset Road Safety has designed and produced two versions of the road safety wrist band. The first version, aimed at key stage 1 and 2 aged children, features the classic ‘Stop Look Listen’ tag line, whereas the second version, aimed at pre-school aged children, is smaller and utilises simple icons instead of text to get the road safety message across.

The road safety wrist bands are offered FREE of charge to schools, pre-schools, nurseries, clubs and organisations within Somerset. If you believe the wrist bands would prove beneficial in helping the children in your care gain valuable road safety advice, then please contact Somerset Road Safety on 01823 423430 or email.

Please note that we are only able to distribute the road safety wristbands to  pre-schools, nurseries, clubs and organisations within Somerset. We are unable to distribute the wristbands to individuals or outside of Somerset.

Please click on the links below to view the leaflets for more information.

Green Cross Code wrist band

Road Safety wrist band


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