Young Pedestrians (12-16)

The biggest killer of secondary school aged children is road traffic

Young pedestrians between the age of 12 and 16 are considered to be one of the most vulnerable road user groups. Road casualty statistics for 2014 show there were 38 deaths and 1,217 serious injuries within this age group.

It is generally considered that the transition between primary and secondary school is a watershed in child pedestrian casualties. Children making the transition to secondary school are provided with a greater level of independence by being given the freedom to walk or cycle to school unsupervised. But with this greater independence comes a greater level of risk.

It is important to ensure that secondary school aged children are made aware of the risks associated with road traffic, and to provide them with the coping strategies, skills, and understanding to ensure they remain safe when on our near the road - especially when in an unsupervised capacity.

Road safety tips for road users aged 12 to 16:

  • Ensure your child/ren know the safest route for their journey, making sure they are fully aware of potential hazards they might encounter on the way
  • Plan the journey; a properly planned journey is a less risky journey. The THINK campaign have put together a helpful journey planner; to download it click here
  • Ensure your child/ren know what to do if things don’t go to plan; for example, if they miss their bus. Have a back-up plan in place just in case
  • Make sure they know the Green Cross Code. The Green Cross Code may be aimed at younger children but the advice it provides is pertinent for pedestrians of any age group
  • Teach your child/ren to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing or where they can clearly see approaching traffic, and traffic can see them
  • Be Bright Be Seen. Ensure they wear something bright or fluorescent during the day, and something reflective at night
  • Ensure your child/ren give the road their full attention, and are fully aware of their surroundings at all times.
  • Distractions are a major cause of casualties among young people; mobile phones, MP3 players etc must never be used when crossing the road
  • Peer pressure amongst young people is a serious problem; teach your child/ren about the dangers of messing around with their friends when on or near the road

Somerset Road Safety’s innovative ‘Ghost Street’ workshop is designed to help teenagers make informed decisions about road safety. For more information click here.


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