Valentine's Day

13 Feb 2017

If you’re heading out for a romantic meal with your significant other this week then don’t forget to plan ahead. Make sure you know who’s going to be drinking and who’s going to be driving before you go out. If you’re both planning on drinking then book a taxi beforehand so you both know that you are going to get home safely

Don’t put your loved one’s life at risk by having a few drinks then driving home because you think you are fit to drive; it’s impossible to judge whether you are fit to drive by how much you have drunk as the effects of alcohol can be different each time you drink.

If your other half is the one driving then you have a responsibility to ensure that they don’t drink and drive, and not to pressure them in to driving if they have been drinking.

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year, so be wary of the morning after. You could well still be over the limit on Wednesday morning.

If you’re hoping to set the mood with music in the car, get it organised before you start driving. Changing stations or fiddling with a playlist can be a dangerous distraction. The same goes for the sat nav. Make sure you know where that beautiful restaurant is before you set off.

No matter how romantic you’re feeling, keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. If you’re in the passenger seat, don’t distract your loved one from driving, or your date night could end in disaster.

You may be extra keen to get home after your night out, but take your time. Keep to the speed limits, and drive the for the road and weather conditions. If it’s love, it’s worth the wait!

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