New Speeding Penalties Introduced

24 Apr 2017

There’s been a bit of a buzz in the news recently about changes to speeding fines. Increased penalties were introduced on April 24th, but most drivers were unaware this was coming. It’s long been established that speed is a major factor in traffic collisions, so we’d hope that drivers would keep to the limit and drive for the road conditions regardless.

However, if you get caught speeding you’ll face much more serious consequences than before, so it’s really worth being aware of just how fast you’re actually driving and easing off the accelerator.

Previously, it was common to receive a fine of around £100 plus 3 points, with the option of a Speed Awareness course. The courses will still be an option, at the discretion of the local police force. However, the fine and points are now on a sliding scale that depends on your income and the severity of the offence. Check the table below to see how much that can now reach.


As an example, someone earning £25,000 caught doing 51mph in a 30 zone faces a minimum fine of £720 and 6 points on their license – or disqualification for 56 days. Bear in mind that a ban this long would also mean having to reapply for a new license to start driving again.

The same person caught driving at 41mph in a 30 zone would be fined 100% of their weekly income (£480) plus 4 points or a 28 day ban.

Anyone thinking that a short ban would be preferable to points added to existing endorsements meaning a statutory 6 month minimum disqualification should know that magistrates will be aware of this loophole and will be much less likely to impose the shorter ban in these cases.

These figures are also a minimum. The fines can reach a cap of £2500 on motorways and £1000 on other roads, based on a range of aggravating factors such as previous convictions, weather, towing, presence of passengers, high volumes of traffic or pedestrians, and proximity to a school.

As Saga motoring journalist Carlton Boyce points out: “Perhaps you should be asking yourself exactly why it's so important for you to get where you're going so quickly, and consider rethinking your attitude to the laws that are, essentially, there for everyone's safety.”

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