UN Global Road Safety Week

1 May 2017

Every day we have good reasons to go somewhere important, whether we leave our homes for work, school or leisure. However, getting safely to where we are going is as vital as getting there on time.

The fourth UN Global Road Safety Week, 8th – 14th May 2017, is focused on the dangers of speed, promoting strategies to cut speed, and educating people all over the world on the benefits of slowing down.

Why #SlowDown?

By slowing down, observing speed limits and driving for the conditions of the road we make the roads safer for all. For pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and drivers, speed is a major risk factor. The greater your speed, the higher the risk of a collision as well as the severity of the consequences.

Lower speeds decrease your risk of a collision for a number of reasons:

  • It is more likely that a driver or rider will keep control of the vehicle.
  • It is more likely that a driver or rider will anticipate oncoming hazards in good time.
  • The distance travelled before a driver or rider reacts to a hazard is reduced.
  • The stopping distance for a vehicle, after a driver or rider reacts and brakes, will be shorter at a lower travel speed
  • Other road users are better able to judge your speed and avoid a collision.

Even with the best of intentions, collisions do happen. Pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and car passengers all have a much higher chance of survival and avoiding serious injury in collisions that occur at lower speeds.

Visit the UN Global Road Safety campaign page to find out more, and sign the #SlowDown pledge.


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