Glastonbury Travel Advice

19 Jun 2017

With an estimated 50,000 cars descending on rural East Somerset, traffic headaches are inevitable. Delays of several hours are not uncommon as traffic makes its way on site. Make sure you fill your vehicle with fuel before setting off and pack plenty of snacks and drinks as well.

Plan your route in advance, as you’ll need to approach the site from the right side to access your parking location.

Pack your vehicle safely: heavy items packed low, loose items stowed securely, luggage not piled higher than the seat backs or blocking the seatbelts. Remember that your car will handle differently when fully laden, and your braking distances will increase.

When the festival is over, all vehicles are expected to be off site by 5pm on Monday evening. Festival organisers recommend that leaving in the early hours of Monday morning is the best way to beat the traffic. Remember that you need to be sober and legal to drive, and that will mean cutting down or skipping alcohol altogether the day before, and getting an early night. You’re likely to be fatigued from a weekend of camping and music, so drive carefully and plan a rest stop once you’re away from the area – we recommend a minimum 20 minute break for every 2 hours driving.

Glastonbury Festival has a strong police presence. Drink and drug driving is illegal, and police now have roadside tests for some drugs as well as alcohol. It’s not worth the risk to yourself, your passengers or other road users.

Alternate Travel Arrangements

Courtesy buses run from the festival site to Castle Cary Station, so why not skip driving altogether and travel by rail? The festival organisers are trying to encourage cycling too. Visit the website to find out more about their luggage drop-off scheme and route planner.

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