Be Safe Be Seen

18 Sep 2017

Autumn is here and the nights are starting to draw in. Making sure you can be seen on the roads is crucial for your safety. This can be a real issue for children in school uniform, which unfortunately is often made up of dark colours. Older children travelling unaccompanied are particularly vulnerable, especially if their choice of coat is limited by school rules.

What can you do to make your child seen more easily?

Wearing bright or fluorescent colours will help on dull days, but it won’t when it gets dark. At night they need to wear something reflective – this will allow other road users to see them up to 150 metres sooner than they would have done have they not been wearing the reflective item.

If school uniform rules don’t extend to outerwear, buy a brightly coloured coat with reflective panels. School bags are often available with high-visibility strips, and are easy to decorate with reflective covers, patches, clip-ons or lights. High-vis tabards are a cheap and flexible option that you can add to any outfit. Bike helmets and cycle clips are other areas that reflectors can be added to, and of course you should make sure that bikes have working front and rear lights, red rear reflectors and amber pedal reflectors.

Making children more conspicuous is essential, as they’re smaller and less road-aware. However, being seen is just as important for teens and adults. Wearing something hi-vis may not be particularly cool, but it’s a simple thing to do to stay safe and sets a good example for the young people in your life.

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