Can You See Clearly?

2 Oct 2017


Being able to see clearly when driving is vital not only to ensure your safety but to ensure the safety of other road users as well. The dazzling effects of low autumn sun can often make visibility particularly bad, you therefore need to ensure that your windscreen is clean and free from abrasions, scratches and chips. A smear on the windscreen that doesn’t show up in daylight can render your screen opaque in some situations – and if you’re travelling at speed, a couple of seconds of sun-blindness can be sufficient enough time to cause a collision.

Other ways to improve visibility include replacing your windscreen wiper blades at least every two years and always having your windscreen washer fluid topped up and treated with a good quality, purpose-made additive to reduce the chance of it freezing.

If there’s an early frost, make sure you completely clear all windows and mirrors with a scraper or de-icer before you begin driving. The Highway Code states you MUST be able to see clearly through all windows.

As the nights start drawing in (and it stays darker for longer in the morning), it is also sensible to turn your lights on earlier rather than later, both to help you to see more clearly and to allow other road users to see you.

For more advice on winter driving, see our weather and winter preparations advice pages.

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