New Year New You!

1 Jan 2019

Somerset County Council’s road safety team is urging drivers and riders in Somerset to makes some New Year’s road safety resolutions.

It’s a New Year, and a great time to make little changes for the better. While you’re weighing up the merits of a new diet or exercise plan, some small changes in your driving/riding style could make a huge difference to you and those around you. The road safety team’s top suggestions for New Year’s road safety resolutions are:

1.    Stick to a safe speed: Always drive/ride at a safe speed for the road conditions, remember that the speed limit is just that a ‘limit’ it’s not a target and it’s not always safe to drive/ride at the maximum permitted speed.

2.    Have none for the road: It only takes one alcoholic drink to begin to affect your ability to drive safely so stay safe if you’re driving/riding and stick to soft drinks.

3.    Always buckle up:  Wear a seat belt; even on the shortest of trips. You’re twice as likely to die in a collision if you aren’t wearing a seat belt.

4.    Keep your eyes on the road: You’re 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision if you text while driving so put your phone away while driving – out of sight, out of mind!

5.    Never drive/ride tired: Fatigue affects concentration and consequently the length of time it takes to react to hazards in the road ahead.

6.    Check your tyres: Tyres are the only contact your vehicle has with the road surface so regularly check tyre pressure, tread depth and for wear and tear.

7.    Signal before manoeuvring: Signalling warns other road users of your intentions and helps make the roads a safer place.

8.    Stay back: Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, remember that only a fool breaks the two second rule!

9.    Get your eyes checked: Regular eyes checks will ensure you meet the minimum standards of vision for driving, and if you have to wear glasses to meet these standards make sure you wear them every time you’re driving.

10. Look out for one another: Look out for other road users, especially those more vulnerable than yourself.


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