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Somerset Road Safety is a small team of road safety professionals committed to reducing the number of collisions and casualties on the county's roads by promoting safer driving through education, training and road safety campaigns.

The team comprises of two parts; Accident Investigation and Prevention (AIP) and Education, Training and Publicity (ETP).

The AIP team's remit covers the investigation of every fatal crash occurring in Somerset - defining a cause and recommending suitable solutions through either engineering, enforcement or education strategies. They also compile data for all collisions in the county. This data is used primarily to focus the objectives of the ETP team, but is also available to the general public and local businesses via use of an accident data request form.

The ETP team deliver workshops and presentations to all age groups, covering all types of road user from pre-school aged pedestrians to post-retirement drivers wishing to drive safely for longer. Whilst a large proportion of the work is focussed in schools and colleges, the team are also available to support ad hoc events run in the local community, where road safety advice would be welcomed. In 2015 the ETP team delivered road safety training and advice to over 19,000 people through local events, and our extensive range of courses and training.

Finally, Somerset Road Safety also offers support to businesses that employ drivers through the Mind Your Business programme.


Did You Know?

Somerset Road Safety also provides support and training for businesses employing fleets of drivers.

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Did You Know?

An endorsement for drink driving remains on your licence for 11 years?

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Road Safety News

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Somerset Road Safety aims to reduce collisions and casualties on local roads.

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