HOGs help biker safety in Somerset

23 Jan 2019

Somerset County Council’s road safety team has received a generous donation from Bridgwater bikers.

At a recent Biker Down course in Taunton, run jointly by Somerset Road Safety and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, members of Bridgwater Harley Owners Group (HOG) kindly donated £1,000 to Somerset Road Safety in support of their work keeping bikers safe on the roads of Somerset.

Biker Down teaches riders practical skills to avoid being involved in a collision, essential first aid training, and what to do if first on the scene of a collision involving a motorcyclist. Almost 100 Somerset based bikers benefitted from attending the course in 2018. Biker Down is roughly three hours long, is free of charge, and aimed at riders of all ages and levels of expertise.

Riding over the winter months can be a challenging experience so the County Council’s road safety team have put together a few tips to help bikers stay safe on the roads:

  • Check the forecast before starting your journey, if adverse weather is predicted then think about whether your journey is really necessary.
  • Give your bike the once over; check tyres, lights and controls before setting off.
  • Watch out for ‘microclimates’; patches of ice can still linger in areas of shade even if the rest of the road looks safe to ride on.
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles, braking distances can increase by a factor of ten in icy conditions!
  • Look out for debris on the roads, mud and wet leaves can make the road surface very slippery.
  • Be aware that high winds can force your bike off course.
  • Wear the correct safety gear and warm clothing, low temperatures and wind chill can affect a rider’s ability to control the bike properly.
  • Try to make eye contact with drivers to ensure they’ve seen you.

Pictured are, left to right: Peter Parks (Bridgwater HOG), Neill Sedgwick (Somerset Road Safety), Tony Heywood (Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service), Paul Lester (Somerset Road Safety) and Andy Nicholls (Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service).


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