The ‘Engage’ driver training programme

Engage testimonials Driving Instructors’ experiences of the ‘Engage’ CPD day

Steve Page, Sally’s School of Motoring

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to attend ‘Engage’ training in Taunton. Ian delivered an excellent presentation that has given me much to reflect on and use on future lessons. I used the scaling technique in the lesson after the training day which my pupil found very helpful.”

Mike Taylor, Mike Taylor Driving School

“Many thanks for the ‘Engage’ course held in Yeovil on Wednesday 31/10/2012 it was a very interesting and rewarding course with a fantastic tutor Ian giving us a very valuable insight into coaching techniques. It will be a very valuable service for me to use with my pupils in the future hopefully given them a better insight into learning to be safer drivers on our roads looking forward to future course.”

Phoenix Diablo, Diablo Driving School

"Really enjoyed the Engaged course, gave me extra thoughts and training methods to further my development and that of my pupils. If anyone avoids this course then they will be missing very valuable assistance."

Jeremy Doyle, Jez Doyle

“Just to let you know all students to date have received the worksheets very favourably and I often find it is easy to link the sheet in question with some aspect of the lesson being delivered. Thanks again - very much enjoyed the day.”

Jane Betts, Sally’s School of Motoring

“I am working through the Engage Course with my pupils and they are enjoying it. I am delighted to say that it has brought a new dimension to my teaching and coaching techniques. My pupils are also enjoying their homework and feel that they are getting more out of their lessons.”

Mick Battye

“I attended the ‘Engage’ CPD course in Yeovil. Can I just say I thought it was a very well run and informative course. If the engage system is used correctly I can see a huge benefit for the pupil and instructor alike. Although I do not teach any learners and most of my work is classroom based, the psychological side and how to change the mindset I found really interesting and useful, I can see ways that I will be able to apply these to the work I do.”

Sharan Eve, Automatic Sally’s School of Motoring

"Thank you very much to Somerset Road Safety and Ian Edwards for the fantastic ENGAGE workshop in October. What an insight into a different coaching approach and using a combination of mind mapping, scoring and asking the pupils to self evaluate both in micro lessons and beginning and end of their lesson. The results are definitely showing a great improvement and the pupils are continuing to really enjoy their lessons. I look forward to another session with fellow driving instructors to help continue the great work of improving road and driving safety in Somerset."

Phil Tucker, Phil Driver Trainer

“May I just thank you and Somerset County Council for this initiative for Driver trainer training. The course ran by Ian was absolutely great. He kept our interests running at all times and this was helped by the constant interaction. The concept of the training, to give us a better understanding of the human learning process was very interesting. Some of the issues I use already but the concept of why I do what I do has changed. I am selecting a pupil as recommended and I will let you know how I get on. Thank you again I feel in a position to recommend it and I’d highly recommend my colleagues sitting in on this course.”

Stacey Heath, Heath Driver Training

“I attended the 'Engage ' workshop on the 31st October and have to say found it incredibly worthwhile. I am always looking into different ways for my own continuous professional development and believe that we can all learn how to do things slicker, smarter and better! This workshop with the expert coaching and presenting of Mr Ian Edwards seemed to be a great success to all who attended. If we all worked together more often like this it would, as I believe, benefit everybody from outside and inside the road safety educational network. Thank you again for this opportunity.”

Lucy Vaughan, Learn in Herbie

“I thought I should let you know that my first pupil to have gone through the complete ‘Engage’ course passed his test with a clean sheet! He thoroughly enjoyed doing the ‘Engage’ worksheets and his parents loved them too.”