Crash card

Wear a Green Dot to inform emergency services that you carry a Crash Card

About Crash Card

The CRASH CARD ID was designed by paramedics who are passionate about motorcycles. CRASH is a set of easy-to remember steps to help keep you safe as well as the unfortunate rider if you arrive at the scene of a collision. If the injured rider is unable to talk coherently or they’ve been knocked out, the card also carries information that could be very useful to the emergency services.

About the card

One side of the card has the mnemonic CRASH to guide you if you arrive at the scene of a collision. It follows a similar set of questions universally used by ambulance service control centres and focuses on safety, the location of the accident and how serious it is – take time to read it. The person making the emergency call is the most important person at the scene because the information they give determines the response of the emergency services.

If on the other hand, you’re the injured party, the other side of the card will tell the emergency services who you are, what medication you take or your medical history. This could be vital information that the emergency call centre might need.

Carry the card in the lining of your helmet, or alternatively, inside your bike jacket or wallet because that is where the ambulance crew will look for it. Remember – removing a crash helmet is a skill that takes two people and is practised by ambulance personnel. never remove a rider’s helmet unless you have been properly trained to do it – you could do more harm than good.