Speeding: The facts

Speeding Penalties

New penalties are in place for speeding offences. Fines are based on the weekly earnings of the offender, and how far over the limit they were. There are also a range of aggravating factors that can increase these fines to a maximum of £1000, but this increases to £2500 on motorways.

Statutory aggravating factors:

  • Previous convictions, concerning
    • the nature of the offence to which the conviction relates and its relevance to the current offence
    • the time that has elapsed since the conviction
  • Offence committed whilst on bail

Other aggravating factors:

  • Offence committed on licence or post-sentence supervision
  • Poor road/weather conditions
  • Driving a Large Goods Vehicle (LGV), Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) or Public Service Vehicle (PSV)
  • Towing caravan/trailer
  • Carrying passengers or heavy load
  • Driving for hire or reward
  • Evidence of unacceptable behaviour when speeding
  • Location e.g. near school
  • High level of traffic or pedestrians in the vicinity
Speeding Penalties infographic