Hi Viz for horses and rider

High visibility clothing and accessories for horse and rider

It is of paramount importance for riders to be seen whilst riding on the public highway. It is therefore advisable to wear hi viz garments; not only for the riders but for the horse as well. Fluorescent clothing is recommended for daylight and reflective clothing at night or in poor visibility.4

The horse should have reflective bands above the fetlock joints and these could also be fitted to the riders’ boots or arm. Particularly helpful would be if the rider wears a reflective band around the helmet as this could be an early indication to motorists that a horse and rider are ahead which allows them time to slow down.

A tail guard and/or exercise sheet on the back of your horse is also strongly recommended as well as a reflective jacket worn by the rider. Anything that you and your horse can wear to promote early detection by motorists is beneficial and should be endorsed.

The image below shows the dramatic difference wearing proper high-visibility equipment can have on the visibility of both you and your horse, even in the hours of daylight.